Baby S.T.E.P. Toward Endless Possibilities Inc.

A Charitable Organization Encouraging Infant Literacy

Promoting a Love For Reading at An Early Age

Established in 2011, we are a non-profit organization in Middletown, New York that works in conjunction with the Literacy Council and hospitals to promote early childhood literacy. We strive to provide each family a baby board book when discharged from the Mother Baby Unit.

Making a Difference As a Nonprofit Group

Not associated with any for-profit business. We are is simply trying to make a difference in the lives of children by encouraging a love for reading.

Our Efforts and Goals

We hope to expand to WIC offices, pediatricians, and other low socioeconomic communities to inform parents of the importance of reading to babies. By providing an educational pamphlet and the baby's first book, we are giving children the gift of reading and endless possibilities.

Early Literacy Exposure

Benefits of Early Literary Exposure

Baby S.T.E.P. Inc. believes that establishing a literacy-rich environment during infancy and childhood provides the academic foundation for future learning. It provides opportunities to discriminate oral language, model sophisticated grammatical practices, build and expand vocabulary and comprehension skills, and create a secure prior knowledge collection for future learning to occur.

Building Self-Confidence With Interactive Read-Alouds

Strong and nurturing relationships are fostered through the close and direct contact of parents and children during interactive read-alouds. There are direct links correlating initial attachments with self-confidence, the ability to acquire new information, and the ability to empathize with others.

Research supports that these interactions establish a love for language and build stronger relationships as children get older. That’s why when parents and caregivers place value on literacy, children tend to follow their actions and mimic their behaviors.

Reading and The Learning Process

Since children learn best when they are actively engaged, play and exploration are important factors in the learning process. And when it comes to infusing language, rhymes, songs, as well as reading books are playful ways to achieve learning.

Discovering and Nurturing Areas of Interest

Reading books provides opportunities to discover and nurture areas of interest. And since learning alters the brain through synaptic connections, the brain literally grows through experiences. Reading readiness then leads to print knowledge, book knowledge, vocabulary, memory, phonological awareness, and comprehension.

Additionally, children learn best through repeated exposures to materials and experiences. With these, they acquire language and literacy. Through immersion, young children can physically alter their brains to lay the foundation for a life of learning.

The Importance of Reading With Infants

Research shows that children who are being read to at home do better in school. This is because sensory input from reading together builds stronger brain cell connections and engages cells to be protected through synaptic pruning. Reading with your little one teaches them about language and creates a stronger attachment bond between reader and child.

It Develops Problem Solving Skills

Storytime with parents offers children a variety of ways to solve problems that they might encounter in real-life situations. In fact, when reviewing global literacy studies, the most successful countries emphasize early childhood reading and literacy practices.

It Promotes a Stronger Prior Knowledge Base

Reading to children builds a stronger prior knowledge base. This can start with focusing on the pictures, helping them develop eye muscles as well as attention span.

It Helps Create Lifelong Memories

Reading with your baby will create lifelong memories. Sitting down with your children while flipping through books together is an intimate way to spend time with your kids.

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Babies learn through encouragement, repetition, and exposure.

Our Book Categories

  • Pregnancy
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  • Math Games To Build Skills
  • Developmental Writing
  • Writing Activities
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Digital Photography
  • Rhyming
  • The Importance of Play
  • Reading in the Primary Grades

Making this world a better place.... One Baby S.T.E.P. at a time!

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Interviews and Presentations

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15-minute overview of Baby S.T.E.P. and Infant Reading Study.

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Thank you to Nan Wilson for having me as a guest and inviting us to share the Baby S.T.E.P. mission!

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Empowering Women Everywhere Televised Interview July 2017
Thank you to Nan Wilson for having me as a guest and inviting us to share the Baby S.T.E.P. mission!

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